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-What tecnique do you use?
It depens of the subject I’m going to work on. I use to  start with a light pencil sketch composition. Then I first work with watercolor layers, continue the main procces with colored pencil and sometimes I add final touches of white gouache or white gel ink pen for the highlights.


-What materials do you use?

– Paper: 
For my originals: hot and cold-pressed watercolor paper and mixed media paper, various sizes and brands including Canson, Arches and Hahnemühle.
 – Media:
Watercolors: Winsor & Newton, Schmincke.
Colored pencils: Prismacolor Premiere and Verithin, Faber-Castell Polychromos and Albrecht Dürer, Lyra Rembrandt-Polycolor, Koh-i-Noor Hardtmuth Polycolor, and Derwent Inktense.
Gouache (Mostly white): Talens Gouache Plakkaatverf.
Solvent: Titan Odorless Solvent.
Ink pens: Sakura Micron and Uni-ball.
Gel pen (Mostly white ink): Sakura Gelly Roll.
Brushes (Mostly watercolor brushes): Escoda, Da Vinci.
– Do you work using references?
I love to work with lot of detail and realism so for me is easier to use photographs as a reference.
– How long did it take to finish a piece of work?
It depens of the piece, the level of realism and the amount of detail. Usually small illustrations take me 3-5 days and 4-6 weeks for the bigger ones.
– Why do you paint mostly dogs?
I love pet. I can’t remember a happy memory of my life without them. I grew up sorounded by different mascots in my parents home (goldfinches, parakeets, turtles, hamsters, cats and dogs). I currently own two beautiful furbabes.
Although I consider myself a dog portrayer, I also paint all kind of pet, wild-life animal, and nowadays I’ve started to make illustrations of  botanical and food.
I realize that I feel myself very close to Nature and painting its wonders helps me to achive, understand and respect all the treasures that our beautiful planet bring us to enjoy.
-Did you go to an Art School?
Since I remember I was a creative child. My mom always complained cos I used to make doodles  in our house walls. So when I grew up It was matter of time for me to take the decision to go to the University and study a Fine Art Degree.